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Using placeholders

Usage of placeholder mostly depends on implementation of mod itself. If mod uses simple, one/multiline text (for example with Simple Text Format) you just need to add it by just writing %placeholder% (or in some cases{placeholder}, ${placeholder} or other format which should be provided on mods page).

Inner part of placeholder can take shape of either category:placeholder or category:placeholder argument (previously category:placeholder/argument prior to 1.19), where category is replaced by type (player, world, etc) or ID of the mod and placeholder is the placeholder itself. Additionally, some placeholders might have additional or required argument provided after first space. It's format fully depend on mod providing it.

You can check list of build in placeholders here and placeholders from mods here.

List of mods supporting displaying Placeholder API's placeholders:

Missing Your Mod?

Are you a mod dev, and your mod is missing? Feel free to open an issue!