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Default placeholder list

These placeholders are provided by default and are available for every mod using Placeholder API. If placeholder isn't parsed, make sure it is used in correct context, with valid arguments and that you are using the latest version.

Before 1.19, arguments were split with / instead of space

List of placeholders


  • %server:tps% - server's tps
  • %server:tps_colored% - colored server's tps
  • %server:mspt% - server's mspt
  • %server:mspt_colored% - colored server's mspt
  • %server:time%/%server:time [formatting]% - server's time
  • %server:version% - server's version
  • %server:name% - server's name
  • %server:used_ram%/%server:used_ram gb% - amount of ram used by server
  • %server:max_ram%/%server:max_ram gb% - maximal amount of ram, that can be used by server
  • %server:online% - number of online players
  • %server:max_players% - maximal player count
  • %server:mod_version [modid]% - returns version of the mod
  • %server:mod_name [modid]% - returns name of the mod
  • %server:mod_description [modid]% - returns description of the mod


  • %world:time% - world's time
  • %world:time_alt% - world's time (alternative formatting)
  • %world:day% - world's day
  • %world:player_count% - world's player count
  • %world:mob_count%/%world:mob_count [group]% - Shows amount of spawned mobs
  • %world:mob_cap%/%world:mob_cap [group]% - Shows maximum amount of mobs that can spawn is player's world
  • %world:id% - world's id
  • %world:name% - world's name


  • %player:name% - player's name
  • %player:name_visual% - player's name (without hover and click action)
  • %player:name_unformatted% - player's name (without formatting)
  • %player:displayname% - player's display name (used on chat)
  • %player:displayname_visual% - player's display name (without hover and click action)
  • %player:displayname_unformatted% - player's display name (without formatting)
  • %player:ping% - player's ping
  • %player:ping_colored% - colored player's ping
  • %player:pos_x% - player's x coordinate
  • %player:pos_y% - player's y coordinate
  • %player:pos_z% - player's z coordinate
  • %player:health% - player's health
  • %player:max_health% - player's max health
  • %player:hunger% - player's hunger
  • %player:saturation% - player's saturation
  • %player:inventory_slot [slot number]% - item in player's inventory at slot
  • %player:equipment_slot [name]% - player's equipment at selected slot. Valid values for [name] are mainhand, offhand, head, chest, legs and feet
  • %player:playtime%/%player:playtime [formatting]% - player's playtime
  • %player:statistic [statistic]% - value of player's statistic

Vanilla statistics:

leave_game, play_one_minute, time_since_death, time_since_rest, sneak_time, walk_one_cm, crouch_one_cm, sprint_one_cm, walk_on_water_one_cm, fall_one_cm, climb_one_cm, fly_one_cm, walk_under_water_one_cm, minecart_one_cm, boat_one_cm, pig_one_cm, horse_one_cm, aviate_one_cm, swim_one_cm, strider_one_cm, jump, drop, damage_dealt, damage_dealt_absorbed, damage_dealt_resisted, damage_taken, damage_blocked_by_shield, damage_absorbed, damage_resisted, deaths, mob_kills, animals_bred, player_kills, fish_caught, talked_to_villager, traded_with_villager, eat_cake_slice, fill_cauldron, use_cauldron, clean_armor, clean_banner, clean_shulker_box, interact_with_brewingstand, interact_with_beacon, inspect_dropper, inspect_hopper, inspect_dispenser, play_noteblock, tune_noteblock, pot_flower, trigger_trapped_chest, open_enderchest, enchant_item, play_record, interact_with_furnace, interact_with_crafting_table, open_chest, sleep_in_bed, open_shulker_box, open_barrel, interact_with_blast_furnace, interact_with_smoker, interact_with_lectern, interact_with_campfire, interact_with_cartography_table, interact_with_loom, interact_with_stonecutter, bell_ring, raid_trigger, raid_win, interact_with_anvil, interact_with_grindstone, target_hit, interact_with_smithing_table